Can’t get enough of the Sequin Saree? Here are different ways of wearing it! 

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Can’t get enough of the Sequin Saree? Here are different ways of wearing it!

Open the photo gallery of any award function or a gala and you will see women clad in sequined gowns. Wearing sequined gowns is easy but if you want a more culture-infused look, add the Indian twist to it and try a sequin saree!

Sarees look heavenly on women of all body shapes and sizes and add a more sophisticated look regardless of what the occasion is. So, if you are a bit confused and considering different options for wearing to an event, consider a sequin saree.

Now, we must tell you that wearing a saree and carrying the outfit like a pro is not every woman’s cup of tea. Some women find it very difficult to walk around in a saree as it’s wrapped around the body…but these nine yards of perfection can hypnotize anyone! Women who find it difficult to walk around or move around comfortably in sarees can go for stitched sarees as they are very easy to wear. Also, there is a lesser chance of the saree coming undone when you move peculiarly so it is a safer choice.

What colors look the best? 

Women who have experience in wearing sarees and can carry them gracefully without worrying about it coming undone midway through the event should consider the classic colors of the sequin saree like black, golden, red, peach, blue, gray, maroon, etc. The Golden sequin saree is a classic and looks great on everyone and can be worn to just about any event that happens at night. It is a bit too shiny for day events so not a great choice to be worn during the day as it would contrast with the sunlight.

For day events, maroon and black sequin saree is a great choice…many celebrities have graced the Bollywood and social events clad in these gorgeous colors. Red sequin saree is another favorite with the fashionistas of Delhi and Mumbai as many socialites are seen wearing this color at work and party events. Silver saree in sequin work is another great choice for the night events as you can just skip the silver jewelry and dazzle in a silver saree instead!

Now, you must understand the difference between work and social events. If you are hanging out with friends and celebrating a personal event then dark colors are all the rage. But if it is a work event, or if you are going to an office party then you should wear the lighter shades like peach, sky blue, cyan, gray, etc.

Maintenance of sequined sarees 

Sequin saree work is intricate and bound by minute threads so make sure that your saree doesn’t get stuck in anything sharp as it might make the beadwork and minute threadwork come undone. Don’t wash your saree in the washing machine as it might ruin the beadwork but instead handwash it in cold or normal water (at room temperature). Don’t dry the saree directly in the sun but the shade so the colors don’t get faded.

Where to find sequin sarees at economic rates? 

A lot of people think that sequin sarees fall on the expensive sides but that’s not the case. You just need to know the tricks of saving money while shopping for sequin sarees. Many websites online sell sarees digitally that can be purchased for cost-effective rates. Many old shops that have been traditionally selling sarees and kurta sets also sell at cost-effective rates. While Chandni Chowk is among the best destinations to look for the most fashionable sequin sarees at budget-friendly rates, you might not have the time to walk through the hustle-bustle of the old Delhi.

In case, you are short on time and can’t manage to go to old Delhi for shopping, we suggest that you buy online and not from a ’designer’ studio. Look for wholesale and retail websites that specialize in selling sarees only and browse through their sequined saree collection. Sequin saree online collections are eclectic and available in an array of colors. So, browse through the vast online collections and take your pick. Some websites even ship for free if you buy over a certain minimum value.

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