Indian Woman

Simple Fashion For True Indian Woman

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Asia southernmost region, INDIA is a state renowned for its lavish temples, delightful food and rich culture. One important feature of the rich culture of INDIA is its traditional clothing, which symbolises the cultural essence of that Indian state. A wide range of fabrics is used, such as cotton, chiffon, linen, crepe linen, organza, georgette, micro silk and patola silk.


Traditional Fashion Dresses

In the traditional women’s clothing in INDIA, Sari finds immense significance. Indian culture portrays females in a sari. Sari is a dress worn by women in schools, temples, parties, and weddings. South Indian saris are renowned throughout India for their intricate work on the zari. The Kanchipuram sari is particularly famous for its exquisite style.

Shalwar Kameez is a traditional combination dress worn by women in INDIA, and by men in some regions. Shalwar are pants that are atypically wide at the waist but narrow at the bottom of the collar. They are held in place by a drawstring or elastic band, which causes them to pluck around the waist. The pants can be big and baggy, or on the bias they can be cut very narrow.



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